One West Florissant

One West Florissant

One West Florissant uplifts community and stakeholder voices for a safe, beautiful corridor where youth, families, and businesses thrive.

Through a series of community conversations and workshops, community members within the cities of Ferguson, Dellwood, and Jennings discussed the most appropriate means to build community development capacity for sustained, strategic community improvements along West Florissant Avenue. Using this community feedback, our committee plans to work alongside local leaders and decision makers to directly implement the community’s feedback as the years-long redevelopment project along West Florissant Avenue begins.


Next Steps

In order to continue equitable development, the One West Florissant team will:

  • Continue collaboration with municipalities, including Ferguson, Dellwood, and Jennings to support development efforts and attract investment
  • Support the West Florissant Great Streets Initiative
  • Conduct community outreach and engagement to put community voices at the table

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Our Focus

Based on community meetings, our community decided the One West Florissant organization should primarily focus on:

  1. Beautification
    • Continuity and consistency in the built environment
    • Improvement of visual storefront appeal and walkability
    • Attract economic investment
    • Build community pride
  2. Safety
    • Create a welcoming, open environment
    • Change perceptions through community-centered interventions
    • Coordinate accessible, multimodal transportation designs
  3. Youth Engagement & Development
    • Encourage youth pride in community
    • Gain youth buy-in for community change making
    • Promote youth ownership and elevate youth voices
    • Provide pathways to satisfiable careers
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